Added editable promoter bank profile

Added regional country default access by reading phone default country

Mar 9, 2020


Re-fixed the previous mandatory check on empty list.

Jan 16, 2020


Bug fixes - allow checkout when mandatory task is empty

Jan 13, 2020


  1. Improve performance on the task empty list detection.
  2. Add in the loading in Sales order and Good Return to prevent asynchronous issue.
Dec 23, 2019


Fixed empty product list and no sku assign

Display task in red color if no sku or product list assign

Dec 23, 2019


Enhanced OSA module with simplified buttons

Fixed Sales Order / Return date selection

Dec 23, 2019


  1. Improved the GPS capturing algorithm
  2. Fixed the SO and GR product list alignment issue
  3. Correct the sync interval based on configuration during login
  4. Restrict the sync if the check-in was cancel
  5. GPS validation for attendance and setup ready
  6. Fixed photo recapture issue
  7. Fixed both Promo and Plano
  8. Fixed the connection error message
  9. Stock Take support in batch level
  10. Added GPS check-in validation according to project
  11. Price Check fixed when OSA occurs
Nov 8, 2019


Fixed missing photo issue when retake the photo.

Include photo mandatory checking.

Nov 8, 2019


  1. Add in the GPS field support in Feedback form.
  2. Bug fixed on sync issue in Sales Order and Good Return.
  3. Set the Good Return not editable after Approved.
  4. Support iOS Notch screen
Nov 8, 2019


  1. Add in the incremental quantity in counter page, Sales Order, and Good Return.
  2. Enhance the Mystery Shopper to show the question based on outlet channel.
  3. Remove the AVS in the deployment page.
Jun 28, 2019